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San jar manufacturers in Ghaziabad

Suppose you’re planning to Start a business or already have a business. You sell cosmetic products or pharmaceutical products. It would help if you were worried about packaging. SR Cosmo is a one-stop for all your packaging needs. SR Cosmo offers a wide variety of packaging and offers the highest quality Cosmetic packaging. The last five years have seen numerous startups in fields, most of which require packaging for their businesses Products. Also, the packaging is a key element for businesses. If you wish to expand your online and offline business, it is essential to improve your branding style. San Jar is one of the items we’ll describe the San jar and its packaging advantages.

Using san jar is the best way to enhance your packaging?

Brands can also use San jars in their packaging. If you are selling products for skin care such as balm, ubtan gell, facial, and many more, then you should complete your product. Sr cosmo provides the best quality san-jar at a low cost. San jars, sometimes called acrylic jars, are transparent jars that are popularly used for the storage of cosmetics such as face creams, creams for the eyes, sunscreen, day and night creams, anti-ageing creams and lotions, among others. The jars made of acrylic are generally utilized in cylindrical forms, but they’re also available in oval, square and conical forms. Acrylic jars tend to be large-walled containers that are luxurious in appearance because they are made of substances like SAN JAR,

Cosmetic jar manufacturers in ghaziabad

We are a wholesaler of acrylic jars with a huge manufacturing facility located in Ghaziabad, NCR Delhi, with clients nationwide. The most advanced Injection moulding equipment is utilized in the process and is run by experienced and skilled experts. Allows us to provide quality acrylic jars that are on time.

We have a facility for producing San Jar of different sizes such as 5gm, 8gm, 12gm, 20gm, 50gm, and 100gm containers.

San Jar closures are constructed out of premium materials, creating a leak-proof seal and solid build quality with a luxury look. They are generally made from PP but may also be made from other substances like SAN,

San jar

Sr cosmo provides their clients broad range of san jars at a reasonable price and premium quality. You can fill your product with Lip Balm, kajal, Lip Balm Kajal, and saffron in a smaller san container. You can also fill out asafoetida. If we talk about the size of the Jar, we could fill it with scrub, day-night cream packs, cold cream and all kinds of cosmetics. When you choose the right container for your product and improve the quality of your packaging, you’ll increase the amount you sell. We provide san jars in different sizes- 5gm, 8gm, 15gm, 25gm, 50gm, and 100gm containers.

Acrylic jar

Acrylic jars are imported acrylic Jars. They are imported from China. They appear elegant, stylish and high-rang. If you want to make your product look luxurious, you must use this packing. We provide san Jan in different sizes like- 30gm and 50gm.

Glass jar

SR Cosmo provides two types of quality Indian and imports both. We have a wide range of glass shades such as Amber Natural, Blue-black, white, Frosted Natural Frosted Amber, frosted green colours, etc. We also offer coated bottles in black and white coated, as well as golden coated, etc.
Also, we provide glass jars in different sizes like 10gm, 20gm, 25gm, 30gm, 50gm,100gm, 200gm glass jars, etc.

Cosmetic Jar

SR Cosmo provides many different kinds of quality and shapes of cosmetics, with high-end and low-end Cream Jars. We’ve provided cosmetic jars made of PP, PET, SAN, and Glass Jars ACRYLIC Jar. We also offer different shapes and colors in cosmetic containers. We have provide many different sizes in cosmetic jar like:-5gm,8gm,15gm,25gm,30gm,50gm,80gm,100gm,150gm,200gm,300gm,500gm,1kg Etc.